What is the buzzard application?

buzzard is a groupware application specially built for teachers. It focuses on the contents of teaching. The idea is to provide a database system, which may be used by all the teachers of a school, and which centralizes good part of the teaching issues. Besides the descriptive data for each lesson, files may be stored in the database, e.g. representing worksheets, presentations or other teaching material.
What is it good for?

MySchedule, a schedule planning system.
MySchedule enables the teacher to plan his sessions according to his (well, kinda obvios) schedule. The suite of his sessions build up a unit. All the sessions of a day build the "Day Overview".
Substitutions, a substitution manager.
When a colleage is unavailable, the school administration may assign a substitution. The substitutions are integrated with the MySchedule, so that local changes within the schedule get always noticed. Sun Apr 4 21:57:07 CEST 2004